Bowery Book

13×10 Bowery | Cobalt Delancey Textured NL | 6×4 Opening

Images by Zev Fisher Photography

General Description

A refined and sophisticated take on press-printed books, the Bowery Book uses the latest printing and binding technology to deliver a high-end, high-capacity album.  The Bowery Book features double-sided prints bound together and presented in a variety of large sizes and cover options.

Most commonly used for:

lifestyle, documentary, family, boudoir, long-form storytelling

*default right hand start and left hand finish

Standard Sizes

horizontal: 10×8, 12×8, 13×10, 14×11, 15×10, 15×11

vertical: 8×10, 8×12, 10×13, 11×14, 11×15

square: 10×10, 12×12

Standard Page Capacities

minimum: 20 pages / 40 sides

maximum: 60 pages / 120 sides

Album Features

6-Color Indigo Printing

HD printing & rich colors

Thin Press-Printed Pages

high page capacity & versatile

Album Options


Cover Options


Cover Materials

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